The ISO digital learning platform is considered as a knowledge hub that offers exciting opportunities for the ISO members staff and their national stakeholders to benefit from a variety of standardization and business skills courses in a fully digital learning environment. The material provided will help learners deliver high-quality standards in an efficient and effective manner, proactively solve problems, motivate culturally diverse teams, think outside the box, engage in meaningful collaborations, and ultimately develop their leadership skills. More courses will continue to be added on a regular basis. 

Digital learning platform
Learn online with ISO

Who should use the platform?

  • Committee managers and support teams involved in the project management of the international and national standards development processes
  • Any expert involved in international or national standardization
  • ISO members and ISO/CS staff interested in developing their business skills

How to access the platform?

You need to have an account in the ISO Global Directory. If you don’t have an ISO account, please contact the ISO Member Body User Administrator (MBUA) in your country.  Once you have your account, go to to sign in using your ISO credentials.


Recent eLearning courses


Recent courses


We know that having the right business skills is crucial to deliver high-quality standards in an efficient and effective manner. That’s why ISO launched a selection of 20 new self-paced eLearning courses on business skills that let you learn on the go. These courses are available in English, with subtitles in other languages in some cases, two of the new courses are in French and one is in Spanish. 

To help spread the word, we have created a newsletter and presentation toolkit which offers background information and templates for use in your own communications with your staff and stakeholders. 


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What's next?

Stay tuned. More courses will be coming up throughout the year!